Mini Tutorial: How to build a walking talking stickman

By popular demand: How to build a walking talking Stickman!!

Pic by Garry Beaumont
Pic by Garry Beaumont

I had a Walking Talking Stickman walking and talking on a place in SL. I loved the guy, I LOL’d every time I saw the little guy walking around and telling how bad his life was.
I was talking to a friend who had a stickman for him self the other day, and we decided that it would be fun to have one on OSgrid.

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Was building a simple disco…

Ok, I thought it would be fun to build a simple club, with open source lightning system (which I will share in a later post), a simple dance floor, etc…

Inside the club.
Inside the club.

So, I started rezzing prims, import some stuff I earlier made, and then things went wrong……

I think this simple club will become a prim eating monster…so far I have 600-and-a-bit prims used on I guess half the build I’m planning to build…
Anyway, here are some pics of a work in progress…enjoy!


I got walls!!
I got walls!!


Detail pic
Detail pic
More details...
More details…

More pics soon…

Have fun,


Oddy is building stuff….

So, I’m back to building stuff. I’m rebuilding the Guitar museum I had on SL and later, on OSgrid. I’m also building little mall and a sandbox (that might get deleted in favor of a role-play area if I get the Myriad system worked out.)

“But Oddy, you left OpenSim because it was copy-bot heaven. Please explain???”

Mostly true; I left the mainstream grids (although I visit them when I need that on texture I had on Opensim, but got lost from my computer after an upgrade from win7 to win8), and kept building stuff on SOAS, just for fun.
But being a part of a community, like OSgrid and SL, is something I like, so I wandered the virtual paths and looked for a safe haven where I could be a part of a community.

A little tweet from a friend with a link to this new, walled grid sparkled my interest. This grid is in a Beta stage, not open for the public yet, but I thought “why the hell not” and registered.

Too my surprise, I got an e-mail from one of the founders, “If I had time someday for a guided tour?”

Huh? A grid admin takes time to take my little avatar hand, and shows me how stuff works on their grid? Awesome!

After a quick tour around the initial landing area of this grid, I felt all warm and welcome to this grid. The founders have a cool landing place, with ‘Embassies’, ‘Travelers Treasures’, a spinning globe (you can actually spin it yourself by hand), and more goodies…

This new world is a walled garden, will have currency, has some sort of copybot protection (don’t ask me about technical stuff now, but there are some extra things in place to prevent copy botting.) Since this world is Aurora based, you can have various sizes of regions (I’m a cheap person, I took the smallest size:-) )

So, I ordered a low prim region, and it was available to me in no time. I started to explore the abilities of an Aurora based world, because I have not an huge amount of experience with Aurora, and it looks like I can do what I did on Opensim. That’s a plus.
99% of the scripts I use work, I can upload meshes, turn my inv into a anarchistic chaos, wear an AO, upload XML’s from Linda Kellie, etc, etc…

Snapshot Time!
Here’s a snapshot I took on this new grid:

As mentioned before, this world is not open for the public yet, but soon some folks will be able to register an avatar. You have to be backed up by someone from in-world, a kind of trusted friend thing. So, if you are a friend of me, and are interested in this new world, let me know in a comment…:-)

Maybe we can arrange something!

Oh, the name of this world: CreatedWorlds….Website:

Some snapshots of what I’m building on CreatedWorlds:

landing Area Sky City
landing Area Sky City
Boobs in front of the Guitar Museum?
Boobs in front of the Guitar Museum?


A new Mall
A new Mall