Re-constructing the Odds Playground region on Metro.

Hello there!

I have this region here as it is now for more then a year. And I feel I need to change stuff radically!

And since I own this region, I can do that :-)

If you are a shop owner here: no worries, I’ll re-build the shops around your content.

If you are a visitor looking for stuff: good luck!
I am planning on moving stuff around, but will update the teleport station so you can find the stuff you are looking for!

I don’t have a fixed time schedule in my mind, but this will be a big project, so it can take a couple of weeks/months!

If you have serious questions, you can IM me!


This is the note-card you receive if you touch the big ass sign @ the playgrounds landing point.

Welcome sign
Welcome sign

Do I have a detailed plan?

No, not really. I have some general ideas but nothing concrete now.
It’s going to be very steampunk, but I might add a tablespoon of cyberpunk in it.

I do plan to create small textures where I can to reduce loading times. Also I try to reduce the amount of textures where I can.
A good tip: for simple textures (like plaster textures for instance) reduce the size of the texture to 256×256 pixels in gimp/photoshop. Another tip: try to keep the amount of different textures to a minimum.

So what am I going to change first?

Probably the landing area. After that….I dunno..

Anyway. Time for me to choose now: Go to bed and have pleasant dreams, or start stacking prims….

Oddy is building a club gear store. Adding the goods.


This is a follow-up post on this one.

The building part is done, now the boring stuff begins.

Building is done.
Building is done.

I’m also working on an shop where I am going to ‘sell’ all kinds of buildings I have made in the past. This building will be on sale soon. :)

Now begins the boring part: searching through my inventory for club stuff I have made. Light systems, dance-floors, DJ-booths, etc. When I find stuff, I have to test them, check the permissions, make a picture for the vendor, package it, adjust the vendor config notecard, etc, etc.

Razor-blue vendor picture
Razor-blue vendor picture

A fun way to spend my Sunday. :-)



Oddy is building a club gear store. The Next day.


This is a follow up on this post I have written yesterday.

I did some building yesterday evening and this morning.


This is the entrance of the building. The little gear in front of the building is a teleport pad that I use on Odds Playground. ( Playground)

You are free to drop by and see what I am building. You can use the teleport pad (Choose: Work in pr. as location) or fly 2000m up)

Lower floor
Lower floor

Starts to look like a building hè? The white pointy thing in the middle of the building is a [MESH] fountain.

Second floor
Second floor

And the building is ready!

Now I am working on the interior, lightning and after that, I’ll start working on the surroundings like trees and plants and stuff.

But for now: Back to building.

Oddy is building a club gear store.

A little history lesson:

Back in the hyping days of Secondlife™, me (Oddy) and a couple of friends started a (very basic) guitar museum on the SL grid. I was active on OSgrid back then, and asked on the OSgrid forum if someone could help me with a script we could use for displaying, and sharing info about guitar players. I got some help from the Opensim community, some opensim folks actually went back to SL to visit the guitar museum!!

We started to grow in land size, guitar player info boards, visitor counts and all of a sudden we had RL guitar players performing on saturday evening/night!
That was awesomely cool! And we had some good guitar players! (Also some really bad ones too, but hey….)

So, we had all these guys and gals playing, so we needed a stage and a lightning system and stuff.
But those scripting guys wanted $$$ for their stuff, and since we used the tips we got to pay the rent (the performers played for tips back then), there was no $$$ left for buying al those cool stages and light-systems and stuff.
I started to google, and then googled some more and found some decent open source scripts for a lightning system. I played with the scripts for a bit, changed them to my likings and created a decent freebie light system. (Club light system tutorial here!)

We made a lot of friends, visited other live gigs, and I have seen some cool builds while visiting those gigs.
I started to build stages for our guitar museum, dj booths (we had a couple of dj’s spinnig some cool tunes every day) and other cool club stuff inspired by what I have seen on other venues. And while I’m writing this, I remember there is an open-source open table script that I want to get working on opensim. <==Useless info!!

The OSgrid Guitar museum
The OSgrid Guitar museum

At some point, having this guitar museum and all the live music and dj sessions became a 24/7 job instead of a fun game to play. That ain’t fun, so we talked about it and we decided it was time to stop with the live gigs.
I liked the idea of this guitar museum, so I started one on OSgrid. Some of you might even visited it back then.
This guitar museum on OSgrid was a big guitar museum with shops around it. (If you are not banned from the OSgrid forum: Pics!)

But then Hiro happened..And exactly one year ago, January 17, 2013 I created Oddball Otoole on Metropolis.

I loaded an old OAR of the OSgrid guitar museum, but soon after that, I decided to rent a region from Metropolis and make a fresh start, with a new guitar museum…

Fast forward to the present time..

I have this region on Metro, Odds Playground. I have my guitar museum on it (work in progress), some shops for my stuff (work in progress) and some shops that other folks use, and I have some shops available at this point, let me know in-world if ya need a little shop for free!

I like building stuff, I like music, I like building music stuff:-)

So I recently started to build a new shop on my region, and a very cool build, with carved ceilings, pillars, a fountain and medieval bricks.
Then I rezzed a club rig I made about 10 months ago, and the shop was way too small..
But I want a decent shop with decent stuff in it, dammit!

So here we go..The birth of a 256×256 big ass club/disco/dj stuff shop…

And it all starts with a prim….

A simple prim, 256 meters wide, 256 meters long and 0.5 meters thick. Stuck at region coordinates 128,128,2000…and a teleport thing to move from the main building down on the region floor to way up (2000 meters) in the sky.

It starts with a prim
It starts with a prim

This is what I have so far..A big prim 2000 meters up in the sky and a teleport thing on it. What to do with that space? I think I’m gonna build a futuristic shop/environment here. Or maybe a huge castle-hall or something.
I’m not sure at this point, it’s late when I’m typing this.

I think I’m going to make a real blog post about this.

blog (a truncation of the expression web log) is a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web and consisting of discrete entries (“posts”) typically displayed in reverse chronological order (the most recent post appears first).

This means I’ll add news posts to this post when ever there are things to mention! I file this post under the Odds Builds and Metro Category, and tag it with ‘Building’ and ‘Oddy’ so you can find it quickly!

Enough typing for now, I’m gonna build stuff!!


Places to visit: Odds Playground.

Hi all!

So I happen to be the owner of Odds Playground on Metropolis. And happy to be that actually. I rent this region from the metro guys so I have no worries about updates, backups, etc. Support from metro is very good, the admins are helpful, nice to talk too, and the price is decent.
The grid is cool too. Lots of nice places to visit, party here, party there, live gigs, art, games, gesture-spam, and more of that stuff. They even have an active google+ account

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Mini Tutorial: How to create a NPC (Non Playing Character)

[Update 04-07-2013: I have added a NPC kill script to the download. To delete all the NPC’s on a region, drop the NPCkill.lsl script in a prim and touch it.]
[Update 10-07-2013: Replaced the NPC puppeteer script with an updated version. Some bug fixing things.]

Hi @ all!

Cool thing you might wanna know: I have a guitar museum on Metro, and I have Jimmy Page walking around there and do stuff!

Like this on your favorite social media thing! Make it trending and stuff.!!

Another cool fact is that you can have a celeb walking, dancing, talking, etc, etc on your region as well! (like this too on your preferred social media! This won’t work on Tell-sell channels though!)
And it’s really easy!

Just a couple of scripts, an avatar that you can copy, a notecard and a prim to control the NPC.
That’s it!
No huds, no resetting scripts after a region restart, no fuzz. Just create a copy of the avatar you are using, tell it what to do, and forget about it!

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YAY!!! Found a lost OAR!

I’m a happy Odd!

I just found a very old (2010-ish) oar of an old region I had on OSgrid. At some point I managed to loose the region. (Self-High5)
And I actually loved that region. I consider it as one of my coolest builds evah!

Here is a little Youtube vid I made back then, (Very low quality!!)

I am not sure what I am going to do with this region,  but I know one thing: I’m gonna do some more building!
Maybe I am gonna turn it in a freebie region or something.

Some (current) snapshots:

Snapshot_005 Snapshot_004 Snapshot_003 Snapshot_001

Tutorial: How to make a scripted mesh female tanktop with a HUD.

Hi folks!

No “mini-tutorial” this time, but a rather lengthy one. So get comfy, shut down your mobile, set your avie in “busy” state, grab something to drink and enjoy this tutorial!
(read more below the line!)

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Mesh Tanktop Tutorial
Mesh Tanktop Tutorial
Version: 1.0
1.6 MiB

Mini Tutorial: Build a Club Lighting System

Here’s a little tutorial for ya! Lets build a club lighting system with a menu so you can change color, intensity, radius, falloff, glow, transparency, etc, etc, with just a few open source scripts.

Let’s start with a cup of coffee, and putting on some nice music….:-)

Preparing stuff:

1. Download the next zip file.

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Resources, resources and more resources…

I have found a lot of websites that are very useful, important, fun, etc about to OpenSim. I thought I shared some of them:

Opensimulator home page

Imprudence –
Dolphin –
Phoenix/Firestorm –
Teapot –
Zen –
Nirans –

Bailiwick – – Bailiwick is a channel editor for the .raw files used by Second Life sim owners to configure their sims.
Terrain Sculptor – – Terrain Sculptor is an application which maps the terrain of sims in Second Life or OpenSim grids and generates sculpty textures for them.
L3DT – – Free application (the standard version that is) for creating terrain maps for your region. (Small tutorial here: )
Scratch for Opensim  –

CGTextures – Lots of tiled textures, one of my favourites.
Mega Tex

Free LSL – 1164 open source lsl Scripts.
OSgrid script forum:

Squirtsplace -Funny sound files *tip* use the Meerkat viewer to upload larger sound files. (Some sounds are sexually orientated)
Frogstar -Muppets sounds!!
AudioSparx. – Sound Effects. (There are like 100.000 soundclips there)

CGSpeed 3dsmax-friendly-release-of-cmu-motion-database – 2548  Animations. – bvh Editing tool. Transform the *.bvh files you get from the link above, into OSGrid usable *.bhv files.
Qavimator –

Mesh stuff.
Blender – – free 3D editing tool.
Daz3D – Some free tools, some very useful.
30,000 free  3D models –

Mesh related tutorials –
culpt related tutorials –
ots of amazing howto’s –

Pre-configured OpenSim installations. (read more here)
Soas –
Diva Distro –
New world studio –