Welcome sign

Re-constructing the Odds Playground region on Metro.

Hello there!

I have this region here as it is now for more then a year. And I feel I need to change stuff radically!

And since I own this region, I can do that :-)

If you are a shop owner here: no worries, I’ll re-build the shops around your content.

If you are a visitor looking for stuff: good luck!
I am planning on moving stuff around, but will update the teleport station so you can find the stuff you are looking for!

I don’t have a fixed time schedule in my mind, but this will be a big project, so it can take a couple of weeks/months!

If you have serious questions, you can IM me!


This is the note-card you receive if you touch the big ass sign @ the playgrounds landing point.

Welcome sign
Welcome sign

Do I have a detailed plan?

No, not really. I have some general ideas but nothing concrete now.
It’s going to be very steampunk, but I might add a tablespoon of cyberpunk in it.

I do plan to create small textures where I can to reduce loading times. Also I try to reduce the amount of textures where I can.
A good tip: for simple textures (like plaster textures for instance) reduce the size of the texture to 256×256 pixels in gimp/photoshop. Another tip: try to keep the amount of different textures to a minimum.

So what am I going to change first?

Probably the landing area. After that….I dunno..

Anyway. Time for me to choose now: Go to bed and have pleasant dreams, or start stacking prims….

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