Fireplace in-world

Odds Freebies: A scripted Mesh Fireplace.

Hello good folks of the metaverse!

Here is a thing i’d like to share: A scripted mesh fireplace.
Now, I didn’t create the mesh, I didn’t create the scripts, I just downloaded an *.obj file, did some tweaking in Blender, and uploaded it on Metropolis. I added some nice scripts from Jopsy Pendragon, added some sculpts and voilá: A scripted mesh fireplace.

I can show you where I found the original *.obj file, and what I did with in Blender, and I can show you where I got the scripts (Particle laboratory on SL) and how I uploaded the original fireplace in to Metropolis, textured it, added scripts, bla, bla…

I tried to export the fireplace with the scripts in it, but that failed. After some digging around I learned that there is no easy way to export meshes with content in it.

So, a work around is this, a new category: Odds Freebies. Here I’m gonna share stuff, show you how to upload it, and if necessary, where to put scripts and things.

Odds Freebie #1: A scripted mesh fireplace!

Fireplace in-world


First the important stuff: a download link!

Download the *.zip file and un-pack it with Winzip, 7-zip, winrar or something similar. Remember where you unpack-ed the folder!
There should be a couple of things in the *.zip file:

  1. ~OD~ Mesh Fireplace.dae
  2. 3 text files that contains the scripts. (Light, fire and touch)
  3. 4 textures.
  4. A readme text file. This is the original readme that came with the mesh object. It contains the license and a link to the gallery (on from the original creator)

Uploading the mesh model.

Lets start with uploading the mesh item. (I use opensim worlds, so I don’t have a clue what it costs to upload it to SL, or what the land impact nonsense thingy is :-) )

  1. Open your favorite viewer (with mesh upload capabilities) and find the ‘Upload Mesh Model’ button. When the browse window opens, find the ~OD~ Mesh Fireplace.dae file, and open it.
  2. A new window pops up, and after some time you will see a little preview of the model. (click the pic to enlarge it)
    ou can change the name of the model and “This model represents…” in to “smaller, non moving, etc”.
    In lower right corner, below the preview window, you can play with the display settings.
    You can zoom in/out, rotate, etc, in the little preview window to check the model.
    Don’t change anything else in this tab.
  3. Open the physics tab and change the Level of Detail to “Lowest” (see pic).
  4. Open the Upload options tab and check “Include Textures”
  5. Hit “Calculate weights and fee”. The viewer starts to calculate stuff, this can take a while.
    When it’s done calculating stuff, the button changes to “Upload”.
    Hit it!

When the model is uploaded, the “Upload Mesh model” goes poof, and you will find your mesh fireplace in your inventory.
rezz it on the ground and you have a mesh fire place!

The scripts.

A couple of easy steps:

  1. Create 3 new scripts in your inventory.
  2. Name the scripts fire, light an touch.
  3. Open the 3 text files on your HD, and copy the content from light.txt to your light script, fire.txt to your fire script, and touch to touch.
  4. Save the scripts.

Putting things together.

  1. Right-click on the fire place, and open the edit window.
  2. Check the “Edit Linked” box, and click on one of the logs inside the fire place. (See Pic)
  3. Drag the fire and light script from your inventory in to the content tab of the log.
  4. Un-check the “Edit Linked” option.
  5. Drag the touch script from your inventory in to the content tab of the root prim.


2 thoughts on “Odds Freebies: A scripted Mesh Fireplace.”

  1. Hi just wanted to note a few things on uploading of mesh.

    Many OpenSim worlds (actually all six I am in :D) do not let you choose your physics model. Happily things work well without all the SL hassles :D (so not my favorite part on door and window openings).

    2. Uploading this file would be against the terms of service (the mesh part) in SL as of August 2013 so cost issues really don’t apply *wink*.

    3. People MAY need to change the LOD numbers from the defaults if the item uploading falls apart when viewing at a distance. The default LOD setting in most viewers that I have used is 2. Not everyone knows (or has a powerful enough computer to change) to 4. TESTING after upload is very important.

    I have visited your sim and enjoyed it. Looks like there is plenty here to read and learn from. Happy creating!

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