Teleport Door @ Hannaghbha Info Center

Rebuilding “The Republic of Hannaghbha”, Part I

Hello all!

Awful lots of nothingness lately here on this blog! But lots of activity on OSGrid! I’m throwing prims around like there is no prim limit (hey, wait!! There is no prim limit on OSgrid!)

What am I building? Let me tell you a little story first:

It’s a bright summer day in August, 2009.
A small city called “Toolian” was born in the Republic of Hannaghbha. The small city grew for a couple the months with shops, a harbor, a castle and such.
The small city became a bigger city, attracting all kinds of people. Most people were nice, but there was a hideous attack by 3 furries who robbed the city of it’s Coca-Cola© advertisement board. The vandals were never caught…

With the loss of this Coca Cola© advertisement board, the brave citizens of Toolian (and the Republic of Hannaghbha) lost their will to live.

It’s a cold, grey day in January, 2010.
The Republic of Hannaghbha is no longer.
Just some ruins, a skull or two is all that remains of this once so proud republic…

(You can read more and see some snapshots here:

A couple of weeks ago, I decided that I’m gonna build a new Hannaghbha. I’m not going to rebuild it, just because I lost a lot of textures, sculpts and other stuff i used back then.
I started building, and soon I had a region filled with a couple of sky platforms on different heights. (look at this post here.)
You can find some old ruins on one spot, teleport to a green forest with spinning clocks, humping..err breed-able birds, a fireplace and more silly stuff. Also, you can teleport to Kub-Zatha, a surreal mystical world with monsters. There is a shopping street way up in the sky (with a hidden entrance to the zone).

Teleport Door @ Hannaghbha Info Center
Teleport Door @ Hannaghbha Info Center

I’m not satisfied with these different platforms, I think a full city on ground level is the better option in this case.
So, I’m starting all over again. (The builds you see in the post here, are still up and you can access them via a telepad door near the landing area of the Hannaghbha region)
I’m going to keep all of these ‘parts’. But some off the things (like the shops and the forest) are moving to ground level, the other, not so realistic stuff) stays up in the air.

Obviously, the whole region is going to look very different when I’m done building.
I’m also hoping that I can attract other people to fill the shops I’m building.

Another project I’m working on, is breed-able pets for the masses on OSGrid. The system Ferd Frederix is sharing on his website, works. But for some reason some things (Birds, feeders, homing devices etc) get the wrong permissions if I share them with alts. (What can one do with a bird if it’s no copy and dies?)
That’s something I have to figure out in the future.


Pictures of the new Hannaghbha.

Here are some snapshots of the new city:

2 Buildings, probably shops.
2 Buildings, probably shops.
Scenery view of Hannaghbha's Church
Scenery view of Hannaghbha's Church

That’s it for now, besides a couple of things I should mention:

  • Use a MESH-compatible viewer, I use meshes in most of my builds.
  • Let things rezz, it may take a couple of minutes!
  • hop:// <= SLURL.


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