The Guitar Museum closes it's doors.

The (SL) Guitar Museum has closed it’s doors.

The Guitar Museum closes it's doors.
The Guitar Museum closes it's doors.

Kinda sad news….We, the staff of the SL Guitar Museum just closed doors. The only reason is that what started out as ‘a fun thing to do’, turned into a (almost) 24/7 job. We had lots of live musicians, dj’s and such, and while we got some help from some awesome friends (you know who you are guys, thanks!!), a lot of work came down on us, 3 owners of the guitar museum. We had to decorate (winter, easter, halloween, spring, X-mas, new year, etc, etc settings (great advice Angel)), arrange gigs, host lots of those gigs, research guitar musicians info (awesome job Bono), Build this, build that (yay Oddy) .. We were busy :)

For me personally, the most important thing to stop with the Guitar Museum was, that I was not able to be creative when I had some things spinning in my head. I kinda assigned the weekends as my SL-online time, so I could build some creative things there. But when I logged in, my assistance was needed on the Guitar museum, and bye-bye creative time.
I really like a good party, live gig or a nice DJ now and then…but when my SL time gets filled with parties, gigs and DJ’s, I’m feeling I’m missing other cool stuff, like visiting awesome places in SL, get inspired by things I see, things I hear, building my own things, etc…

So it’s a goodbye from the Guitar Museum, but not a farewell from Oddy..

Be safe all


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