Yay! I learned some important stuff about online 3D worlds!!

I’m a lurker; I follow a lot of blogs, websites, forums and such. I read a lot on those kinds of web spaces, and I try to learn from that.

I’m not a very active member of those blogs, websites, etc.

But I do learn stuff:

I learned how to behave when I was visiting some parts of Second Life© and other worlds. It’s not OK to play loud gestures during a live performance of some artist, and sometimes the loud gestures are welcomed by artists.
Using /Scream gestures in the middle of some kind of yoga/zen/ying-yang/hhhhhhhuuuuuuuummmmmm class, is not a smart thing to do. Also, I learned , that there are a lot of people with ODD, OCPD, ADHD, and other issues out there. And I learned *proud moment here* how to handle those folks.

I learned how to handle the drama queens. (drama queens are folks who think they are soooo important for any given 3D-world, but they are actually really liked by a close, small group of friends.)

I learned how to build stuff, how to use scripts in my builds, and I learned how to sell stuff! Woot! Lucky me!

I learned how to make friends, how to keep the good friends, and how to let the-not-so-good friends go.

I learned how to make Second Life©, truly a second life, where I could do whatever I want, being it good or bad. I can, and will, be me there. No Linden folk can hold me back, just because they LL doesn’t care about silly old Odd. Same thing goes for OSgrid, Inworldz, etc….

I learned a lot about OpenSim; lots of friendly folks there, pretending that they are *NOT* living a free (or cheap) SL live. (But you can get your own region for the stunning amount of …$ a month)

I learned a lot the couple of years, I saw folks with the best intentions enter 3D-worlds, and i saw them fade away. I saw big companies getting online on 3D worlds; and saw them fade away. I saw a lot of these things.

But one virtual friend turned my 3D virtual world upside-down with three words:

I have cancer.

That sentence is the biggest thing I learned regarding online stuff; being it a simple chat, website, forum, 3D world, hypergrid, sculpties, communities, groups, closed grids, open grids, scripts, griefers, copybotters, drama queens, bloodlines, lag, clouds, free stuff, making money…
It all means nothing when you are seriously ill, and maybe dying.

So yes, we have hypergrid, the coolest sim-on-a-stick, uni’s using OpenSim, SL with pathfinding, folks sharing OAR’s, A virtual guitar museum, NPC’s, a weekly D&J party, etc, etc…And that’s all fun, but soooooo not important for a big part of the world.

2 thoughts on “Yay! I learned some important stuff about online 3D worlds!!”

  1. Things like this can catch us completely flat-footed, hey? My very best hopes go to the person who shared that with you.

  2. it’s all about you and me and virtual worlds are fun, but they are just a way to communicate

    with any form of communication, one of the noblest things we can do is try to lift each other as human beings

    you and your friend need that too, good luck and know that i think of both of you =)

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