The Mall 2

My first shared OAR for OpenSim!

OK!  Here it is: My first OAR i’m sharing with you guys.

It’s a pretty low prim, low lag mall. Nothing really stunning, because I’m trying to understand what an OAR saves, and reloads when some one else then me load this OAR.

Some pretty pics:

The Mall 1

The Mall 2

The Mall 3

Now where to download the OAR?

Since my hosting company does not allow uploads bigger then 2mb, I’ve put the oar (in a *.zip) format on mirrorcreator. Sorry for the pop ups, ads and stuff!

Download link:

I’ve managed to get a web server running on my vps, and put the file up there:  Download link,

Feedback please!



7 thoughts on “My first shared OAR for OpenSim!”

  1. You have a VPS for your sims, right Oddy? If you have Apache or other webserver software, just put your OAR on your VPS! :)
    I gave up on the mirrorcreator site, all I saw was a gazillion download buttons and none of them looked like the one for your oar.

  2. Thanks for the tip Key.

    Now I have to find a good tutorial on how to put up a webserver on Ubuntu:)

    [Edit] Done.

    New download link is in the post.

  3. Oddy, great! Thanks for doing that :D
    That enables us to download the zipped oar direct from your site into the opensim/bin folder in the terminal, and unzip it there for loading. Like so:

    In the terminal, cd to bin folder of your opensim install:
    cd opensim/bin

    Now in your opensim console, create a new region for loading the oar:

    create region Oddsoar oddsoar.ini
    (answer questions)

    Region (Cyberwhirled) # change region Oddsoar
    Currently selected region is Oddsoar
    Region (Oddsoar) # load oar TheMall21042012.oar

    The oar loaded fast on my VPS, then the scripts loaded a couple seconds later. Everything is in my name for Creator, Owner, and Last Owner. Not sure if that’s what you intended, but I think using the -h option when saving the oar the creator’s name will be retained.

    Looks good :D

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