Places to visit: Ravenbaile

Jamie Wright has created a very nice sim on OSgrid, called ‘Ravenbaile’
The SLURL: hop://login.osgrid.org/Augurey%20Peak/69/184/22 

It’s ‘an Irish Harry Potter themed magical’ roleplay sim, as she calls it.

When I arrived there, there was nobody around, so I could fly around, take snapshots, and peep in houses without disturbing a roleplay that might be in progress. :-)

First thing I noticed when arriving was a sign that said: ‘The Pheasants Roost Tavern’.
I ran inside, dropped my virtual behind on a bar stool, and drank a couple of pints.

After a couple of barrels of the best cheap wine, it’s time to go and wander this sim a bit.

I love the way Jamie landscaped the place. Lots of twists and turns between hills and mountains.  It makes you want to look around the next corner to see whats there.

There is also a phantom hill. If you walk through that, you’ll find yourself in another part of Ravenbaile.

It’s a nice place to visit, with great role-play opportunities (I have found a cave with some poseballs for some cuddling  :-) )

Also, most houses are free to copy according Jamie and there is a little freebie shop.

Some snapshots:



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