Places to visit: LittleField

Littlefield is a group of regions on OSgrid that aims to be a safe, fun, and rewarding environment for the BDSM/Adult/Fetish community. So before you teleport to one of those regions, make sure you are legally allowed to view adult content, and that you’r not wearing a child avatar.

Here is the SLURL: hop://

Besides being a place for the BDSM/Adult/Fetish community, you also can rent land (at very low prices; from $3 per month for a 7K area with 1800 prims up to a full sim (20,000 prims – 65K Area) $25.00 per month), there are lots of freebie shops with clothing, scripts, BDSM articles, gardening stuff, etc.

Another thing I want to mention is how the place is build. Well, it’s build with a plan :-)
Great use of textures, the whole freebie area looks like a mix of grunge industrial/steampunk/victorian styles.
There are boards with info cards, landmarks and teleporters to various places on the main plaza where you land after you teleport to Littefield.

The regions are hosted on SimHost, that means a very reliable, fast hosting company with a minimum of downtime, so if you are looking for cheap land, or a place to set up a shop (I’m thinking about doing so myself), you might consider Littlefield.

Some scenery snapshots:


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