SL versus OpenSim; Oddy style.

OK, I’m not a fan of SL, neither I’m all about OpenSim. I try to get the best of both worlds, I like both worlds, I use them, when I feel the urge to use them. I’m not a big fan of either worlds, both worlds have their pro’s and cons.

So, I don’t have a favorite place to do my stuff in general; I walk a virtual path in virtual worlds and try to get the best of both.


Tonight I logged in Second Life, thought I would import a shop I have made, using the .XML import features some viewers have. That failed.
OK, that can happen, but my L$ account got charged for the textures that got uploaded. That is no problem for Oddy, these things happen.

Plan B:

Upload the textures, and rebuild the shop in SL.
Wrong! uploading textures failed (but had to pay L$10 for every try)

After a couple of clear caches, relogs, and re-uploads of the same texture (and paying L$10 each time)  I finally got the desired texture in my inventory. YAY!!

So I went to plan C:

Rebuild the shop, using the one texture I was able to upload on SL.

I rezzed a prim, waited for 5 minutes, still didn’t see my freshly rezzed prim in-world. I’m like WTF?

Cleared cache once again, relogged, and yes, I saw my freshly rezzed prim.

At this time I’ve paid almost L$1000 to upload a xml file (and the original build is pretty basic, no sculpts, meshes, mega prims or something, just prims), and one texture!

I’m getting a little frustrated at this point, so I thought I would use textures, sculpts, etc from my in-world inventory. I have some  great sculpts in-world for a cathedral-ish doorway….
The sculpt is rezzing now, and has been rezzing for like 25 minutes now…..It’s still a sphere.

So, I have major lag on a multi-million dollar grid (SL), and I have been lurking the SL website lately, and I saw no community effort there from LL. Not even a simple blog post about a new viewer or about the latest down time, etc.

On the other hand: I do experience lag on OSgrid, but that goes away after a couple of minutes, or maybe a clear cache and restart. Uploading a texture is usually no problem, but that’s after my inventory is fully loaded.
Clothing tends to load slow, so I’m a cloud for sometime, but there are workarounds for that.
If my vps hicks-up, I can ask questions on IRC or the forum, and get answers pretty quick.

And sometimes I get frustrated on OSgrid too, if a looooong notecard fails to save, or scripts stop to work for no reason. OSgrid has it’s own troubles sometimes.

Today OSgrid wins with ease if it comes to usability. I wasn’t able to do anything in SL today, joining 2 parcels of land took me 15 minutes to get it done!


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