Mini tutorial: How to build a wall.(or how to use the align tool and planar texturing)

Hello guys and girls, another mini tutorial for you. In this tutorial I’m gonna show you how to use the align tool some viewers have build in (most TPV viewers) and how to use planar textures.

For this tutorial, I’m gonna build a wall with 2 windows in it.

Step 1.
Create a standard plywood cube and stretch it out a bit until you have something similar like in the picture below. Add the coolest wall texture you have in your inventory to it.

Step 2.
Hold down the SHIFT button on your keyboard, and drag the wall to the right to make a copy. Do this again to make a third copy.

Make 4 more copies of the wall, and make them smaller. See the picture below.

Now we have all the parts of our wall ready, but they do not align properly, and the textures are weird.
We start with putting things nicely together first using the align tool.

Step 3.
Make sure the align tool is checked.
Hold down the SHIFT key, and start selecting the pieces of the wall as shown on the picture below. The last piece you should select, is wall #5.
You can let go of the SHIFT button now.
Click on the blue pointy thingy on the top of the wall to align all the selected wall pieces so they line up at the bottom of the wall.

To line things up on the upper side of the wall, see the picture below.

Your wall should look like this:

Only thing to do now, is putting all the pieces together.

Again hold down the SHIFT key, and select the pieces as shown on the pick below. The last part you should select, is the most left part of the wall, number 7 in the picture.
WITH THE SHIFT KEY STILL PRESSED, hit the green pointy thing on the right.


A nicely lined up wall, with holes in it for windows, or bars or whatever.

But the textures are all wrong! OMG!

Relax, do not panic!

Planar texturing to the rescue!!

Step 4.
Make sure ‘Select Face’  is checked in the edit menu (see picture below).
SHIFT click on the 7 wall pieces to select them. You should see a white circle with a cross in it on each face you select.
Now in the ‘Mapping’ part (see picture), select ‘Planar’  from the dropdown menu, and check  ‘Align planar faces’

Set ‘Repeats/Face’ both horizontal and vertical to 0.500 (this depends on your texture, the texture I use here can be tiled. You have to play around with the numbers to get a good result)



I have added some things to show you how things look in a nice scene:

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