Places to visit: Recreation Plaza.

A fun place to visit on OSgrid is the Recreation Plaza. It’s one of the official OSgrid plaza’s and the purpose of this plaza is recreation :-)

You can play games here!
The SLURL: hop://

There are a couple of things you can do on your own there, there’s some kind of bejeweled game (quite addicting!), a glass maze, a ghost house (are you brave enough?) and there are some rides.

Also, there are two other games; Primwords and Speedbuild.

Primwords is like a OSgrid version of Pictionairy.
There are two teams, one of the players gets a word via IM, and has to ‘build’ that word using prims. The other players have to guess the word.
This game lasts for an hour orso, and it’s really fun to play.

The other game, Speedbuild, is fun too.
All participants have a 10×10 meter square area to build something. This has to be related to a theme that is given just before the game starts.
This game ends after one hour of building, then every can vote for their favorite build.
Being a good builder helps, but that’s not a guarantee that you win this game.

For additional information, you should join the osgrid speedbuild or osgrid primwords group. They send out a notice when a game is about to begin.

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