Oddy has left the building….

Before I start my rant: English is NOT my native language!…

Here we go:

OK..I Logged out from Osgrid, took my regions down, except one I host for a friend.
I’m a bit disappointed in the OSgrid admins and developers. I understand that there are only a couple of guys, like 3 or 4 or 5 or so, that actually do things on OSgrid on grid level. (moderate, develop, host events and stuff) and I thank each and every one of you for that.

However!! (here we go!)

I put a lot effort in creating stuff for OSgrid; A guitar museum, clothing, I test scripts to see if they work on OSgrid, weird avatars, OARS, etc…I’ve spend many hours (on a daily basis) on making all that stuff for OSgrid. I visited parties, live gigs, OSG festivals, like OSG1B, OSG2B, Halloween thingies, etc…
And I’m not the only who does that. We, users of OSgrid, make OSgrid.

I think that the users of OSgrid deserve more than a test grid the devs claims it to be. Fact is that most users of the grid use it as a free or cheap SL.
That’s a fact Admin/dev folks! We, the users, see this grid as a free SL!.
You can deny it with every vain in your body, but OSgrid = free SL for most folks!
And most folks want what SL gives them. Not everything, but the at least the basics: Where can I find freebies, where can I party, where can I get that High quality outfit, where can I get up to date info?

OSgrid fails to give that information. Sure, I can get a freebie avie at LBSA, but I might get griefed there, cause admins are sleeping in RL (admins do need to sleep once in a while, I know)

I came to the conclusion that OSgrid is a grid for techy-geeks, and not for the social types like me. I don’t want to empty trash via a website! I just wanna click ‘empty trash’! I wanna put things on an event list! I have no need to be up-to-date with the latest version of OpenSim Software, cause usually the 3 month older version works better for me! I don’t want to rely on other software, like twitter, or facebook, to hear about in-world events. I want to see that stuff on my splash screen, with SLURLS in it!
I want community games where I can win real stuff, like other grids do….
I want a newbie place where I can learn about OSgrid…or how to move around, chat, etc..(Hey we have that! Warin build something that is very well build…..I think LL would want that build for an orientation island)

OSgrid is for the geeky guys, and there are not enough geeky guys to run the grid as we speak. As mentioned before: The OSgrid guys do what they can….But that is not enough to run such a big grid.
I hope this blogpost inspires geeky guys to be an active part of OSgrid in some sort of way…webdevs, opensim geeks, php-nerds, etc….
Go safe OSgrid!!!

Until OSgrid is saved; Oddy signs out….Logging in on other worlds….

2 thoughts on “Oddy has left the building….”

  1. I agree with most, for sure i wish OSG would have what keeps Us on Sl still!
    But i can’t deny the help i had in all i needed, be how to host a gid, how to create npc’s and much more!
    And even if i don’t go to Osg as i did, the regions we created will be there as long as can, cause they where made with love, for All to enjoy!
    I feel you did the same, so i feel that you are leaving your love unknown for many new users and that i have to say it’s sad!
    Your Museum is not only a lovely build, is a live memory of the music we love!
    If not on OSG at least let it be hosted on Kitely or nay grid that i know will welcome it with open arms!

  2. Oddball,
    Jammer dat je vertrekt uit de bekende werelden, er zijn mensen die je missen.
    Ik heb getracht op CW in te loggen maar schijn niet door de ballotagecommisie heen te komen en dus is dat inloggen niet gelukt en laat ik CW voor wat het is.
    The Mall staat op Kinderdijk Noordwest, maar ik weet nog niet zeker of ik alles
    wel wil, ik ben verliefd op het pleintje en de winkels eromheen deren me eigenlijk niet, ik ben geen handelsman, dat weet je.
    Laat je gezicht zo maar eens ergens nog zien Oddball.

    Je Pietje

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