happy face!!

YAY! I have a blog, part deux.

happy face!!
happy face!!

Yes, I have my own little website to share stuff I have found on the internet, to share cool places on virtual worlds, to share stuff about me, and more things that come up in my pretty head :)

First a bit about me:

My avatar, on Second Life©, OSgrid, Tertiarygrid, and other worlds is named Oddball Otoole, AKA Odd, Oddy. I mainly build stuff, test scripts (see if the work in OpenSim), take care of the Guitar Museum on OSgrid, am co-owner of the SL Guitar Museum, I like to make clothes, skins and what not.

Also, I’m trying to learn how to script, (and actually made one! Link to blog/forum post follows). My latest big script related project is breed-able pet for opensim. (Read more here on Ferd’s website.) I’m testing this now for over a month or so, and I think I’m just about to put some breed-able birds up for sale in one of my stores on OSgrid.

Besides the breed-able pet project, I have some other things going on on OSgrid; The Guitar Museum and a region called Hannaghbha.

My RL Info:

My real name is Angela. I’m a happily married mother of 2 kids. I have a job, a dog (on 4 legs) and a white cat called blacky. O.o
My age? Lets say 18+ OK?

I love visiting (live) gigs online, and the famous D&J Friday night party @ Osgrid. (actually, i should tp the the party right now….Uhm, after I get a fresh barrel of (cheap) wine… brb!

BACK!!! What did I miss?? _^.^_

My Second Life© life.

The avatar Oddball Otoole was created on January 3, 2007 by my dog (on 2 legs) husband, he walked around in this silly game called Second Life©, tried to find a gun so he could shoot people, couldn’t do that and decided that SL wasn’t a 3D shooter-kill’m’all game, so he logged out.
Some time later, I saw this new, strange icon on the desktop and clicked it. Clicked it again, and again, again (Oddy starts to get frustrated a bit now), click….click…(Oddy looks around the room for a heavy object to throw through screen)  and then remembered I needed to double-click on stuff on the PC (I was such a noob then! LOL)

I asked my husband what it was.

Husband: Lame game.

Oddy: Ah, ok, must be good then. How do I play this?

Husband: You have to log in.

Oddy: Huh?

Husband: Log in with username and password.

Oddy: Huh?

Husband: (while looking for heavy object to throw…) type O-D-D-B-A-L-L in there, O-T-O-O-L-E in there, then ********** there, and click on that button.

Oddy: double click?

Husband: *sighs* No, just click the friggin’ button woman!

Oddy: Yay! I’m logged in!

Husband: *Ignores me*

Oddy: Dear?

Husband: *Ignores me harder*

Oddy: Oh! I see a build button….

***End of scene****

From there it went very fast, I first earned a couple of L$ in clubs that had random money givers, camping and stuff.
I met a couple of the coolest people who became friends, and still are friends now, on SL and Osgrid. I even took my first steps in OpenSim with a friend I met in early beginning of my SL life, how cool is that!

I learned how build things, and soon got my first job in SL. A few jobs followed: building a new mall, a wedding chapel, a club here and there, and some other builds. I earned a few bucks and bought my first own parcel…512sqm, 117 prims!
Two weeks later, I owned 8192sqm and discovered XstreetSL.. :)

After a couple of months I discovered OpenSim and took a break from SL. Sold all my land, and went afk for a couple of months…

My Osgrid Life:

As said before, I took my first steps in OpenSim with an old SL friend. I fired-up a standalone region, so did he. We tried to log in on each others standalone region, and that actually worked (Hypergrid 0.01 pre-alpha I guess)
We decided that standing on a pimple wasn’t that much fun, but we both saw that OpenSim had potential, and more important: No Prim limit..

After some *EPIC* googling, I found the OSG website (Admins, why did you stop with Elgg? I loved that back then :) )
I quickly learned how to attach a region to the OSGrid, and started to throw prims around like there is no prim limit…Oh wait….;)

At some point in time, I started a steampunk-ish region called: The region of Hannaghbha. That region was quit popular, the forum thread too.
But a big computer crash wiped out the hard-drive, the USB-stick with a back up is somewhere in my RL house, but haven’t found it yet.

(Oh this is a kinda big post)

Back to SL….

SL Guitar Museum
SL Guitar Museum

After this break from SL, I thought it was a good idea to visit it again, and have some fun with old friends there. And as soon a i logged in I was able to buy a small parcel next to a parcel an old friend owned.
We started  a hangout for guitar/blues/rock lovers, and had some of the best SL live artist hanging out with us. (and jamming live now and then)
My friend and me were talking about guitar players in chat back then, and before we know it we had a guitar museum in SL, with a full schedule of live gigs, dj’s, lots of visitors and even a mention in the LL Destination Guide.

Back to OSgrid….

Thinking about what to blog about....
Thinking about what to blog about....

Having a guitar museum, a full live gig schedule, and a shop is all fun and stuff, but it went from “fun, building stuff” to “Be there at that time, coz Raven is performing” , so I took a break from SL again and went back to OSgrid…

Result: A new hannaghbha, breed-able pets, a new clothing line, an OSG guitar museum, lots of snapshots on Flickr and a happy Oddy…With a blog!!

Have fun all, be safe and take care!!!

More stuff soon!




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