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Hi all!

So I happen to be the owner of Odds Playground on Metropolis. And happy to be that actually. I rent this region from the metro guys so I have no worries about updates, backups, etc. Support from metro is very good, the admins are helpful, nice to talk too, and the price is decent.
The grid is cool too. Lots of nice places to visit, party here, party there, live gigs, art, games, gesture-spam, and more of that stuff. They even have an active google+ account

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The Guitar Museum.

When I started with this region I had some OAR’s from other regions on my HD. Scriptworkz and The Guitar Museum are two of them. I did load them, but it didn’t feel right.

I wanted a fresh start.

I took all the useful stuff from those regions and started building.
In the meanwhile, one of the admins of Metro asked me if I could help the grid with a special build for the Metro 5th birthday. I was like extremely honored!
The grid admins asking tiny me to build things for them!?! Wow! So I dropped whatever I was doing, and tp-ed my skinny ass to the metro-birthday region to do my stuff.
There were other folks busy there, and at some point the idea was born to build a black and white museum of Metro.

Now, I have a museum also…A guitar museum…
Woot! A black and white guitar museum!
The whole build black and white!
Awesome, but a lot of work! I had to create B/W textures for the whole build. I had to create a B/W avatar for an NPC. Upload all those textures (200+ textures I think!), build the museum, add all those guitar players, test stuff, etc..

The Guitar Museum on Metro.
The Guitar Museum on Metro.

At the end I was happy with the result, it looks awesome so far.
But this museum is far from finished. I need to add decorations etc, more guitar players, and maybe make the build a bit more inter-active.


I love scripts!

I can’t script! :-(

But I can google! (Lots of stuff to be found there folks!)

But most of those scripts are SL scripts, an most of the don’t wanna work on OpenSim!
You have to change stuff in the scripts to get them working!
So I started trying things, and WTF?
Some of those scripts started to do stuff on opensim!
And I am all about sharing stuff, so I started a script shop called ScriptWorkz. But later more about ScriptWorkz, first something else.

Odds Learning Center.

This is a new part of the region.
I am writing all these tutorials here on this website, and thought it would be a good idea that I bring these tutorials in to the region using MOAP (Media On A Prim) and have all the stuff free that is needed for those tutorials in a box free to copy.

Odds Learning Center
Odds Learning Center

I have created a little sandbox in the middle of this build, so people can do the tutorial, or at least some of them, on the spot.
Now here come ScriptWorks back in to the story.

Since the building that I use a learning center is huge, I have lots of spare space. I hate empty spaces, so I am moving the ScriptWorkz shop in to the learning center.
This is a work in progress.
When I have moved the scripts (and make new textures for the boxes, re-pack them, etc, etc) I should have filled most of that empty space.


Yeah I have some shops on this region. 8 shops at this moment. Maybe more when I’m done with moving stuff around.
Since I don’t have time to manage 8 shops, folks can rent shops.
I have 4 shops available now, so tp to Odds playground and claim your shop!


Besides my own shops (Some adult related stuff and a mesh shop), there are two other shops:

  • Jim Jackson guitars – Grab your favorite guitar here! Or speaker set, or drum kit, or…
  • *** Leora’s beautyful people *** – Four men and four women in various skintones, complete with shape, skin, hair, eyes, AO, facelight, outfits ………. plus a little extra for the gents ;-))

Other stuff.

This region is a playground for me. You will find prims floating around, strange builds, scripts that give errors!
Having said that, I do like to keep things within a theme. And my theme is late 30’s, early 40’s. So the main part of the region looks like if it is 1938 or so.
If you have questions, let me know!