Resources, resources and more resources…

I have found a lot of websites that are very useful, important, fun, etc about to OpenSim. I thought I shared some of them:

Opensimulator home page

Imprudence –
Dolphin –
Phoenix/Firestorm –
Teapot –
Zen –
Nirans –

Bailiwick – – Bailiwick is a channel editor for the .raw files used by Second Life sim owners to configure their sims.
Terrain Sculptor – – Terrain Sculptor is an application which maps the terrain of sims in Second Life or OpenSim grids and generates sculpty textures for them.
L3DT – – Free application (the standard version that is) for creating terrain maps for your region. (Small tutorial here: )
Scratch for Opensim  –

CGTextures – Lots of tiled textures, one of my favourites.
Mega Tex

Free LSL – 1164 open source lsl Scripts.
OSgrid script forum:

Squirtsplace -Funny sound files *tip* use the Meerkat viewer to upload larger sound files. (Some sounds are sexually orientated)
Frogstar -Muppets sounds!!
AudioSparx. – Sound Effects. (There are like 100.000 soundclips there)

CGSpeed 3dsmax-friendly-release-of-cmu-motion-database – 2548  Animations. – bvh Editing tool. Transform the *.bvh files you get from the link above, into OSGrid usable *.bhv files.
Qavimator –

Mesh stuff.
Blender – – free 3D editing tool.
Daz3D – Some free tools, some very useful.
30,000 free  3D models –

Mesh related tutorials –
culpt related tutorials –
ots of amazing howto’s –

Pre-configured OpenSim installations. (read more here)
Soas –
Diva Distro –
New world studio –

Pre-configured OpenSim installations.

So, you want to have an own grid? Or maybe just a simple stand alone region to build on?

You could download the official release from and start reading the various, mostly outdated tutorials found on the web. Or you could download a pre-configured OpenSim program that takes all the techie stuff out of your hands. Just install, start the program and away you go.

Diva’s Distro.



This version of pre-configured version has hypergrid enabled, so you’re able to teleport from your standalone region to another grid, like Osgrid and back.
Also this version has a own website where you can create an account, or do some inventory stuff. There are a couple of readme.txt files included to get you started.

Another neat feature is the ability to upgrade it with ease. (run update.exe)

Windows and Linux/Unix only.

New World Studio.



This program is still in Beta, but works very good! Have your own regions up in a couple of minutes after installing. It also updates automaticly, you can back up your work, has built in avatars and OARs.
This version also has a build-in website where you (or your friends) can create accounts, etc.

You can find a manual on the download page.

For Windows, Linux and Mac.




This is like a diva distro version of OpenSim on an usb stick. You don’t install this, you download it, un-zip it on an USB stick, start it up and your ready to go.
You can use this on any PC or laptop you want, all data is stored on the stick.
It comes with a handy batch file, so you can choose what size of region (a normal region, a mini grid (4 regions) or a Mega Region)

Which one to choose.

Well, it depends on a couple of factors, like hypergrid enabled, build in updates, avatars etc. The most easy to use, with most features is the New World Studio version, but SoaS is also pretty usefull since it runs from a stick.
The Diva Distro has some nice items in the inventory…

/me thinks: download them all, try them, pick your favorite app :-)