Mini tutorial: Automatic Pipemaker

A mini tutorial about making an automatic pipemaker.

With this gadget, it’s very easy to create pipes with a few clicks. (see pic)

The script is written by Lex Neva, I just made a blog post about it, with pics :-)
Grab yourself a cup of coffee, tea, or something else. I’ll wait until y’all are back…….

Ah, there you are! Enjoy your cup of ……..(fill in the dots with whatever you are drinking now)

Lets begin!

Step 1.
Build a default cylinder, and rename it to ‘PipeMaker’. The name is important, PipeMaker is OK, pipemaker, or Pipemaker not.)

Step 2.
1.) Open the content tab, and click on the ‘New Script’ button to create a new script.

2.) Rename the script to ‘Pipemaker Script’.

Download this script to your PC. 

PipeMaker Script
PipeMaker Script
Version: 1.0
5.4 KiB

3.) Unzip the file, open the Pipemaker script.txt file with notepad, and copy the contents from the text file to the new ‘Pipemaker Script’ you just created in the default cylinder.

4.) Click on the ‘Save’ button. Wait until you see ‘Script Saved’ in the lower part of the script window.

Close the Edit window.

Step 3.
Take a copy of the PipeMaker in your inventory. Leave one PipeMaker prim rezzed in-world.

Step 4.
Right click on the Pipemaker you left rezzed in-world and open the content tab.
Find the copy in your inventory and drag it in the rezzed prim.

[TIP: Delete the pipemaker after this step.]

Step 5.
Take the PipeMaker (with the copy in it) into your inventory to save it.


How to use the Automatic PipeMaker:
Just rezz it (on a place where you can build and are allowed to run scripts), and a blue menu pops up.

Click on some buttons and see what they do :-)

Have fun!


Broken fluorescent light script

My first, self made, script ever!! 8-)

It isn’t the best of all scripts in the known universe, but it seems to do what want it to do! (self-hug to oddy!)

I wanted to make a broken fluorescent light, that randomly turns on and off..

Download it here.

(Since I’m using WordPress, I can’t paste scripts here because they get screwed if you copy them from this website.)

Low lag snow script.

Low lag snow
Low lag snow

Low lag Snow script.

How to use it:

This version emits snow all the time. You have to delete it to stop the snow.

-Rez a prim, and make it transparent.
-Drag the texture ‘Snowflakes‘ from your inventory into the content tab. <==IMPORTANT: If you do not do this, you’ll see strange, glowing particles :)
-Open the content tab, and make a new script.
-Open the new script and replace the standard script with the script below.
-Save the script, and you’ll be standing in snow within seconds.

Here is the script:

Download it!