Places to visit: Ravenbaile

Jamie Wright has created a very nice sim on OSgrid, called ‘Ravenbaile’
The SLURL: hop:// 

It’s ‘an Irish Harry Potter themed magical’ roleplay sim, as she calls it.

When I arrived there, there was nobody around, so I could fly around, take snapshots, and peep in houses without disturbing a roleplay that might be in progress. :-)

First thing I noticed when arriving was a sign that said: ‘The Pheasants Roost Tavern’.
I ran inside, dropped my virtual behind on a bar stool, and drank a couple of pints.

After a couple of barrels of the best cheap wine, it’s time to go and wander this sim a bit.

I love the way Jamie landscaped the place. Lots of twists and turns between hills and mountains.  It makes you want to look around the next corner to see whats there.

There is also a phantom hill. If you walk through that, you’ll find yourself in another part of Ravenbaile.

It’s a nice place to visit, with great role-play opportunities (I have found a cave with some poseballs for some cuddling  :-) )

Also, most houses are free to copy according Jamie and there is a little freebie shop.

Some snapshots:



Mini tutorial: Automatic Pipemaker

A mini tutorial about making an automatic pipemaker.

With this gadget, it’s very easy to create pipes with a few clicks. (see pic)

The script is written by Lex Neva, I just made a blog post about it, with pics :-)
Grab yourself a cup of coffee, tea, or something else. I’ll wait until y’all are back…….

Ah, there you are! Enjoy your cup of ……..(fill in the dots with whatever you are drinking now)

Lets begin!

Step 1.
Build a default cylinder, and rename it to ‘PipeMaker’. The name is important, PipeMaker is OK, pipemaker, or Pipemaker not.)

Step 2.
1.) Open the content tab, and click on the ‘New Script’ button to create a new script.

2.) Rename the script to ‘Pipemaker Script’.

Download this script to your PC. 

PipeMaker Script
PipeMaker Script
Version: 1.0
5.4 KiB

3.) Unzip the file, open the Pipemaker script.txt file with notepad, and copy the contents from the text file to the new ‘Pipemaker Script’ you just created in the default cylinder.

4.) Click on the ‘Save’ button. Wait until you see ‘Script Saved’ in the lower part of the script window.

Close the Edit window.

Step 3.
Take a copy of the PipeMaker in your inventory. Leave one PipeMaker prim rezzed in-world.

Step 4.
Right click on the Pipemaker you left rezzed in-world and open the content tab.
Find the copy in your inventory and drag it in the rezzed prim.

[TIP: Delete the pipemaker after this step.]

Step 5.
Take the PipeMaker (with the copy in it) into your inventory to save it.


How to use the Automatic PipeMaker:
Just rezz it (on a place where you can build and are allowed to run scripts), and a blue menu pops up.

Click on some buttons and see what they do :-)

Have fun!


My first shared OAR for OpenSim!

OK!  Here it is: My first OAR i’m sharing with you guys.

It’s a pretty low prim, low lag mall. Nothing really stunning, because I’m trying to understand what an OAR saves, and reloads when some one else then me load this OAR.

Some pretty pics:

The Mall 1

The Mall 2

The Mall 3

Now where to download the OAR?

Since my hosting company does not allow uploads bigger then 2mb, I’ve put the oar (in a *.zip) format on mirrorcreator. Sorry for the pop ups, ads and stuff!

Download link:

I’ve managed to get a web server running on my vps, and put the file up there:  Download link,

Feedback please!



Yay! I learned some important stuff about online 3D worlds!!

I’m a lurker; I follow a lot of blogs, websites, forums and such. I read a lot on those kinds of web spaces, and I try to learn from that.

I’m not a very active member of those blogs, websites, etc.

But I do learn stuff:

I learned how to behave when I was visiting some parts of Second Life© and other worlds. It’s not OK to play loud gestures during a live performance of some artist, and sometimes the loud gestures are welcomed by artists.
Using /Scream gestures in the middle of some kind of yoga/zen/ying-yang/hhhhhhhuuuuuuuummmmmm class, is not a smart thing to do. Also, I learned , that there are a lot of people with ODD, OCPD, ADHD, and other issues out there. And I learned *proud moment here* how to handle those folks.

I learned how to handle the drama queens. (drama queens are folks who think they are soooo important for any given 3D-world, but they are actually really liked by a close, small group of friends.)

I learned how to build stuff, how to use scripts in my builds, and I learned how to sell stuff! Woot! Lucky me!

I learned how to make friends, how to keep the good friends, and how to let the-not-so-good friends go.

I learned how to make Second Life©, truly a second life, where I could do whatever I want, being it good or bad. I can, and will, be me there. No Linden folk can hold me back, just because they LL doesn’t care about silly old Odd. Same thing goes for OSgrid, Inworldz, etc….

I learned a lot about OpenSim; lots of friendly folks there, pretending that they are *NOT* living a free (or cheap) SL live. (But you can get your own region for the stunning amount of …$ a month)

I learned a lot the couple of years, I saw folks with the best intentions enter 3D-worlds, and i saw them fade away. I saw big companies getting online on 3D worlds; and saw them fade away. I saw a lot of these things.

But one virtual friend turned my 3D virtual world upside-down with three words:

I have cancer.

That sentence is the biggest thing I learned regarding online stuff; being it a simple chat, website, forum, 3D world, hypergrid, sculpties, communities, groups, closed grids, open grids, scripts, griefers, copybotters, drama queens, bloodlines, lag, clouds, free stuff, making money…
It all means nothing when you are seriously ill, and maybe dying.

So yes, we have hypergrid, the coolest sim-on-a-stick, uni’s using OpenSim, SL with pathfinding, folks sharing OAR’s, A virtual guitar museum, NPC’s, a weekly D&J party, etc, etc…And that’s all fun, but soooooo not important for a big part of the world.

The (SL) Guitar Museum has closed it’s doors.

The Guitar Museum closes it's doors.
The Guitar Museum closes it's doors.

Kinda sad news….We, the staff of the SL Guitar Museum just closed doors. The only reason is that what started out as ‘a fun thing to do’, turned into a (almost) 24/7 job. We had lots of live musicians, dj’s and such, and while we got some help from some awesome friends (you know who you are guys, thanks!!), a lot of work came down on us, 3 owners of the guitar museum. We had to decorate (winter, easter, halloween, spring, X-mas, new year, etc, etc settings (great advice Angel)), arrange gigs, host lots of those gigs, research guitar musicians info (awesome job Bono), Build this, build that (yay Oddy) .. We were busy :)

For me personally, the most important thing to stop with the Guitar Museum was, that I was not able to be creative when I had some things spinning in my head. I kinda assigned the weekends as my SL-online time, so I could build some creative things there. But when I logged in, my assistance was needed on the Guitar museum, and bye-bye creative time.
I really like a good party, live gig or a nice DJ now and then…but when my SL time gets filled with parties, gigs and DJ’s, I’m feeling I’m missing other cool stuff, like visiting awesome places in SL, get inspired by things I see, things I hear, building my own things, etc…

So it’s a goodbye from the Guitar Museum, but not a farewell from Oddy..

Be safe all


Rebuilding “The Republic of Hannaghbha”, Part I

Hello all!

Awful lots of nothingness lately here on this blog! But lots of activity on OSGrid! I’m throwing prims around like there is no prim limit (hey, wait!! There is no prim limit on OSgrid!)

What am I building? Let me tell you a little story first:

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Stuff I’m building on OSgrid.

Hello all, just a quick post about what I’m working on in OSgrid:

Hannaghbha Info Center
Hannaghbha Info Center


Monsters @ Kub-Zatha
Monsters @ Kub-Zatha


Some empty shops...Any merchants on OSgrid need a place??
Some empty shops...Any merchants on OSgrid need a place??


Oddy tip: walk down this street, turn right at the end and walk through the doors to enter the portal to The Zone… (Work in progress)


Broken fluorescent light script

My first, self made, script ever!! 8-)

It isn’t the best of all scripts in the known universe, but it seems to do what want it to do! (self-hug to oddy!)

I wanted to make a broken fluorescent light, that randomly turns on and off..

Download it here.

(Since I’m using WordPress, I can’t paste scripts here because they get screwed if you copy them from this website.)

YAY! I have a blog, part deux.

happy face!!
happy face!!

Yes, I have my own little website to share stuff I have found on the internet, to share cool places on virtual worlds, to share stuff about me, and more things that come up in my pretty head :)

First a bit about me:

My avatar, on Second Life©, OSgrid, Tertiarygrid, and other worlds is named Oddball Otoole, AKA Odd, Oddy. I mainly build stuff, test scripts (see if the work in OpenSim), take care of the Guitar Museum on OSgrid, am co-owner of the SL Guitar Museum, I like to make clothes, skins and what not.

Also, I’m trying to learn how to script, (and actually made one! Link to blog/forum post follows). My latest big script related project is breed-able pet for opensim. (Read more here on Ferd’s website.) I’m testing this now for over a month or so, and I think I’m just about to put some breed-able birds up for sale in one of my stores on OSgrid.

Besides the breed-able pet project, I have some other things going on on OSgrid; The Guitar Museum and a region called Hannaghbha.

My RL Info:

My real name is Angela. I’m a happily married mother of 2 kids. I have a job, a dog (on 4 legs) and a white cat called blacky. O.o
My age? Lets say 18+ OK?

I love visiting (live) gigs online, and the famous D&J Friday night party @ Osgrid. (actually, i should tp the the party right now….Uhm, after I get a fresh barrel of (cheap) wine… brb!

BACK!!! What did I miss?? _^.^_

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Low lag snow script.

Low lag snow
Low lag snow

Low lag Snow script.

How to use it:

This version emits snow all the time. You have to delete it to stop the snow.

-Rez a prim, and make it transparent.
-Drag the texture ‘Snowflakes‘ from your inventory into the content tab. <==IMPORTANT: If you do not do this, you’ll see strange, glowing particles :)
-Open the content tab, and make a new script.
-Open the new script and replace the standard script with the script below.
-Save the script, and you’ll be standing in snow within seconds.

Here is the script:

Download it!