YAY!!! Found a lost OAR!

I’m a happy Odd!

I just found a very old (2010-ish) oar of an old region I had on OSgrid. At some point I managed to loose the region. (Self-High5)
And I actually loved that region. I consider it as one of my coolest builds evah!

Here is a little Youtube vid I made back then, (Very low quality!!)

I am not sure what I am going to do with this region,  but I know one thing: I’m gonna do some more building!
Maybe I am gonna turn it in a freebie region or something.

Some (current) snapshots:

Snapshot_005 Snapshot_004 Snapshot_003 Snapshot_001

Rebuilding “The Republic of Hannaghbha”, Part I

Hello all!

Awful lots of nothingness lately here on this blog! But lots of activity on OSGrid! I’m throwing prims around like there is no prim limit (hey, wait!! There is no prim limit on OSgrid!)

What am I building? Let me tell you a little story first:

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