Odds Freebies: A scripted Mesh Fireplace.

Hello good folks of the metaverse!

Here is a thing i’d like to share: A scripted mesh fireplace.
Now, I didn’t create the mesh, I didn’t create the scripts, I just downloaded an *.obj file, did some tweaking in Blender, and uploaded it on Metropolis. I added some nice scripts from Jopsy Pendragon, added some sculpts and voilá: A scripted mesh fireplace.

I can show you where I found the original *.obj file, and what I did with in Blender, and I can show you where I got the scripts (Particle laboratory on SL) and how I uploaded the original fireplace in to Metropolis, textured it, added scripts, bla, bla…

I tried to export the fireplace with the scripts in it, but that failed. After some digging around I learned that there is no easy way to export meshes with content in it.

So, a work around is this, a new category: Odds Freebies. Here I’m gonna share stuff, show you how to upload it, and if necessary, where to put scripts and things.

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