Places to visit: Odds Playground.

Hi all!

So I happen to be the owner of Odds Playground on Metropolis. And happy to be that actually. I rent this region from the metro guys so I have no worries about updates, backups, etc. Support from metro is very good, the admins are helpful, nice to talk too, and the price is decent.
The grid is cool too. Lots of nice places to visit, party here, party there, live gigs, art, games, gesture-spam, and more of that stuff. They even have an active google+ account

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YAY!!! Found a lost OAR!

I’m a happy Odd!

I just found a very old (2010-ish) oar of an old region I had on OSgrid. At some point I managed to loose the region. (Self-High5)
And I actually loved that region. I consider it as one of my coolest builds evah!

Here is a little Youtube vid I made back then, (Very low quality!!)

I am not sure what I am going to do with this region,  but I know one thing: I’m gonna do some more building!
Maybe I am gonna turn it in a freebie region or something.

Some (current) snapshots:

Snapshot_005 Snapshot_004 Snapshot_003 Snapshot_001

Oddy is building stuff….

So, I’m back to building stuff. I’m rebuilding the Guitar museum I had on SL and later, on OSgrid. I’m also building little mall and a sandbox (that might get deleted in favor of a role-play area if I get the Myriad system worked out.)

“But Oddy, you left OpenSim because it was copy-bot heaven. Please explain???”

Mostly true; I left the mainstream grids (although I visit them when I need that on texture I had on Opensim, but got lost from my computer after an upgrade from win7 to win8), and kept building stuff on SOAS, just for fun.
But being a part of a community, like OSgrid and SL, is something I like, so I wandered the virtual paths and looked for a safe haven where I could be a part of a community.

A little tweet from a friend with a link to this new, walled grid sparkled my interest. This grid is in a Beta stage, not open for the public yet, but I thought “why the hell not” and registered.

Too my surprise, I got an e-mail from one of the founders, “If I had time someday for a guided tour?”

Huh? A grid admin takes time to take my little avatar hand, and shows me how stuff works on their grid? Awesome!

After a quick tour around the initial landing area of this grid, I felt all warm and welcome to this grid. The founders have a cool landing place, with ‘Embassies’, ‘Travelers Treasures’, a spinning globe (you can actually spin it yourself by hand), and more goodies…

This new world is a walled garden, will have currency, has some sort of copybot protection (don’t ask me about technical stuff now, but there are some extra things in place to prevent copy botting.) Since this world is Aurora based, you can have various sizes of regions (I’m a cheap person, I took the smallest size:-) )

So, I ordered a low prim region, and it was available to me in no time. I started to explore the abilities of an Aurora based world, because I have not an huge amount of experience with Aurora, and it looks like I can do what I did on Opensim. That’s a plus.
99% of the scripts I use work, I can upload meshes, turn my inv into a anarchistic chaos, wear an AO, upload XML’s from Linda Kellie, etc, etc…

Snapshot Time!
Here’s a snapshot I took on this new grid:

As mentioned before, this world is not open for the public yet, but soon some folks will be able to register an avatar. You have to be backed up by someone from in-world, a kind of trusted friend thing. So, if you are a friend of me, and are interested in this new world, let me know in a comment…:-)

Maybe we can arrange something!

Oh, the name of this world: CreatedWorlds….Website:

Some snapshots of what I’m building on CreatedWorlds:

landing Area Sky City
landing Area Sky City
Boobs in front of the Guitar Museum?
Boobs in front of the Guitar Museum?


A new Mall
A new Mall


Places to visit: Recreation Plaza.

A fun place to visit on OSgrid is the Recreation Plaza. It’s one of the official OSgrid plaza’s and the purpose of this plaza is recreation :-)

You can play games here!
The SLURL: hop://

There are a couple of things you can do on your own there, there’s some kind of bejeweled game (quite addicting!), a glass maze, a ghost house (are you brave enough?) and there are some rides.

Also, there are two other games; Primwords and Speedbuild.

Primwords is like a OSgrid version of Pictionairy.
There are two teams, one of the players gets a word via IM, and has to ‘build’ that word using prims. The other players have to guess the word.
This game lasts for an hour orso, and it’s really fun to play.

The other game, Speedbuild, is fun too.
All participants have a 10×10 meter square area to build something. This has to be related to a theme that is given just before the game starts.
This game ends after one hour of building, then every can vote for their favorite build.
Being a good builder helps, but that’s not a guarantee that you win this game.

For additional information, you should join the osgrid speedbuild or osgrid primwords group. They send out a notice when a game is about to begin.

Places to visit: The Guitar Museum

Yes, this is my baby on OSgrid; The Guitar Museum. :-)

A quote from ‘About Land':

Some of the best real life guitar players under one roof. (actually, not really the real life guitar players, but notecards with info, links to websites, etc..

Almost 90 (and I’ll keep adding new guitar players in the future) RL guitar players are hanging in the museum. Find your favorite guitar player and click on his/hers photo to receive a notecard with some info, or go to his/hers website.


Besides the museum, you’ll find some shops filled with freebies: Clothing, odd things, club equipment and scripts.
You can play a game on the game area. All these locations are connected together via a telepad system.

Also, you’ll find an art exhibition by Lara Nguya.


Places to visit: Wright Plaza

Wright Plaza is a region hosted by the OSgrid guys themselves. It’s mainly a huge mall with lots of freebie shops.

Here is the SLURL: hop://

And a pretty picture:

The building in the picture above is also a place where the developers have a weekly meeting. They talk about bits and bytes, and codes and other geeky nerd stuff that makes me feel quit dumb ;-)

You can find a very basic tutorial there on how stuff works, like walking, talking, etc.

But that’s not why I’m blogging about Wright Plaza. Wright Plaza has many freebie shops from many content creators. (including me :-) ) You can ‘buy’ clothing, buildings, textures, furniture, avatars, skins, etc, etc.
It has stuff for everybody, even for old folks like me!

More pretty pictures:


Places to visit: LittleField

Littlefield is a group of regions on OSgrid that aims to be a safe, fun, and rewarding environment for the BDSM/Adult/Fetish community. So before you teleport to one of those regions, make sure you are legally allowed to view adult content, and that you’r not wearing a child avatar.

Here is the SLURL: hop://

Besides being a place for the BDSM/Adult/Fetish community, you also can rent land (at very low prices; from $3 per month for a 7K area with 1800 prims up to a full sim (20,000 prims – 65K Area) $25.00 per month), there are lots of freebie shops with clothing, scripts, BDSM articles, gardening stuff, etc.

Another thing I want to mention is how the place is build. Well, it’s build with a plan :-)
Great use of textures, the whole freebie area looks like a mix of grunge industrial/steampunk/victorian styles.
There are boards with info cards, landmarks and teleporters to various places on the main plaza where you land after you teleport to Littefield.

The regions are hosted on SimHost, that means a very reliable, fast hosting company with a minimum of downtime, so if you are looking for cheap land, or a place to set up a shop (I’m thinking about doing so myself), you might consider Littlefield.

Some scenery snapshots:


Places to visit: Ravenbaile

Jamie Wright has created a very nice sim on OSgrid, called ‘Ravenbaile’
The SLURL: hop:// 

It’s ‘an Irish Harry Potter themed magical’ roleplay sim, as she calls it.

When I arrived there, there was nobody around, so I could fly around, take snapshots, and peep in houses without disturbing a roleplay that might be in progress. :-)

First thing I noticed when arriving was a sign that said: ‘The Pheasants Roost Tavern’.
I ran inside, dropped my virtual behind on a bar stool, and drank a couple of pints.

After a couple of barrels of the best cheap wine, it’s time to go and wander this sim a bit.

I love the way Jamie landscaped the place. Lots of twists and turns between hills and mountains.  It makes you want to look around the next corner to see whats there.

There is also a phantom hill. If you walk through that, you’ll find yourself in another part of Ravenbaile.

It’s a nice place to visit, with great role-play opportunities (I have found a cave with some poseballs for some cuddling  :-) )

Also, most houses are free to copy according Jamie and there is a little freebie shop.

Some snapshots: