Last weekend I had some free time and decided to build a simple low lag region.

After a couple of hours stacking prims, I came up with this:


Uberflux full region view
Uberflux full region view

Since I’m all about sharing stuff, I quickly saved an oar to share it.
Took some snapshots, and opened this blog…but amygosh, website down.

I uploaded the oar to Mega.co, and shared the link on the Metropolis Google+ group. I got some nice reactions there! Thanks for that.

Fast forward to the present.

I have updated the region a bit, added some rocks, added a full perm vendor with some useful stuff in it.
Re saved the oar and you can download it here:

Some snapshots:







Here is some useful info about the region:

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0/.


•Top-10_Radio_Stations_Player.lsl by Ferd Frederix
•Region Light System by Rene Schrama, a minor change by Oddball Otoole.
•Visitor Counter by Warin Cascabel with updates from WhiteStar Magic, Carn Iggle and Slow Putzo.
•Notecard Giverby Encog Dod
•Vendor by Adelle Fitzgerald

➔Region Size: Standard Region 256×256 region
➔Opensim Version: OS 0.7.6 Rel. / Metropolis-Edition [012]Release
➔Prim Count: ≤2000
➔Script Count: ≤30
➔Textures Used: ≤30
➔Sculpts: Yes
➔Meshes: No
➔About land:
Edit terrain: ✘
Fly: ✔
Build: ✘
Object Entry: ✘
Run Scripts: ✘
Safe: ✔
No Pushing: ✔
Parcels: No.
Landing Point is set.
Maturity: General.

Things should be full perm so you can move things around, adjust scripts, etc.

I had a lot of fun building this, I hope you have a lot of fun using this build!


Mini Tutorial: How to create a NPC (Non Playing Character)

[Update 04-07-2013: I have added a NPC kill script to the download. To delete all the NPC’s on a region, drop the NPCkill.lsl script in a prim and touch it.]
[Update 10-07-2013: Replaced the NPC puppeteer script with an updated version. Some bug fixing things.]

Hi @ all!

Cool thing you might wanna know: I have a guitar museum on Metro, and I have Jimmy Page walking around there and do stuff!

Like this on your favorite social media thing! Make it trending and stuff.!!

Another cool fact is that you can have a celeb walking, dancing, talking, etc, etc on your region as well! (like this too on your preferred social media! This won’t work on Tell-sell channels though!)
And it’s really easy!

Just a couple of scripts, an avatar that you can copy, a notecard and a prim to control the NPC.
That’s it!
No huds, no resetting scripts after a region restart, no fuzz. Just create a copy of the avatar you are using, tell it what to do, and forget about it!

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Tutorial: How to make a scripted mesh female tanktop with a HUD.

Hi folks!

No “mini-tutorial” this time, but a rather lengthy one. So get comfy, shut down your mobile, set your avie in “busy” state, grab something to drink and enjoy this tutorial!
(read more below the line!)

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Mesh Tanktop Tutorial
Mesh Tanktop Tutorial
Version: 1.0
1.6 MiB

Mini Tutorial: Build a Club Lighting System

Here’s a little tutorial for ya! Lets build a club lighting system with a menu so you can change color, intensity, radius, falloff, glow, transparency, etc, etc, with just a few open source scripts.

Let’s start with a cup of coffee, and putting on some nice music….:-)

Preparing stuff:

1. Download the next zip file.

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Resources, resources and more resources…

I have found a lot of websites that are very useful, important, fun, etc about to OpenSim. I thought I shared some of them:

Opensimulator home pagehttp://opensimulator.org/wiki/Main_Page

Imprudence – http://blog.kokuaviewer.org/
Dolphin – http://dolphinviewer.eregion.de/
Phoenix/Firestorm – http://www.phoenixviewer.com/
Teapot – https://bitbucket.org/ArminW/teapot/downloads
Zen – https://bitbucket.org/Zena_Juran/zen-viewer/wiki/Home
Nirans – https://bitbucket.org/NiranV/nirans-viewer/wiki/Home

Bailiwick – http://spinmass.com/Software/Bailiwick.aspx – Bailiwick is a channel editor for the .raw files used by Second Life sim owners to configure their sims.
Terrain Sculptor – http://spinmass.com/Software/TerrainSculptor.aspx – Terrain Sculptor is an application which maps the terrain of sims in Second Life or OpenSim grids and generates sculpty textures for them.
L3DT – http://www.bundysoft.com/L3DT/downloads/standard.php – Free application (the standard version that is) for creating terrain maps for your region. (Small tutorial here: http://opensimulator.org/wiki/Using_L3DT )
Scratch for Opensim  – http://blog.greenbushlabs.com/?p=797

CGTextures     http://www.cgtextures.com/ – Lots of tiled textures, one of my favourites.
Sharecg     http://www.sharecg.com/
Mega Tex     http://www.mega-tex.nl/highqualitytextures/

Free LSL scripts.com: http://www.free-lsl-scripts.com/ – 1164 open source lsl Scripts.
LSLWiki.net: http://www.lslwiki.net/lslwiki/wakka.php?wakka=ScriptLibrary
OSgrid script forum: http://forums.osgrid.org/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=2233&sid=e490bc95f2f9529e8b532d4c94cc1b27

Squirtsplace    http://www.squirtsplace.com/funstuff/funwav.html -Funny sound files *tip* use the Meerkat viewer to upload larger sound files. (Some sounds are sexually orientated)
Frogstar    http://www.frogstar.com/content/muppets-0 -Muppets sounds!!
AudioSparx.    http://www.audiosparx.com/sa/links/sound-effects.cfm – Sound Effects. (There are like 100.000 soundclips there)

CGSpeed    http://sites.google.com/a/cgspeed.com/cgspeed/motion-capture/ 3dsmax-friendly-release-of-cmu-motion-database – 2548  Animations.
DaveDub.co.uk     http://davedub.co.uk/bvhacker/ – bvh Editing tool. Transform the *.bvh files you get from the link above, into OSGrid usable *.bhv files.
Qavimator – http://qavimator.org/

Mesh stuff.
Blender – http://www.blender.org/ – free 3D editing tool.
Daz3D – http://www.daz3d.com/shop/free-3d-models-and-content/?p=2 Some free tools, some very useful.
30,000 free  3D models – http://archive3d.net/

Mesh related tutorials – http://blog.machinimatrix.org/category/mesh/
culpt related tutorials – http://robynhuffaker.com/sculptblender/tutorial/
ots of amazing howto’s – http://www.free-lsl-scripts.com/Secondlife/tools/tools.htm

Pre-configured OpenSim installations. (read more here)
Soas – http://simonastick.com/
Diva Distro – https://github.com/diva/d2/downloads
New world studio – http://www.newworldstudio.org/site/en/downloads