YAY!!! Found a lost OAR!

I’m a happy Odd!

I just found a very old (2010-ish) oar of an old region I had on OSgrid. At some point I managed to loose the region. (Self-High5)
And I actually loved that region. I consider it as one of my coolest builds evah!

Here is a little Youtube vid I made back then, (Very low quality!!)

I am not sure what I am going to do with this region,  but I know one thing: I’m gonna do some more building!
Maybe I am gonna turn it in a freebie region or something.

Some (current) snapshots:

Snapshot_005 Snapshot_004 Snapshot_003 Snapshot_001

Oddy is building stuff….

So, I’m back to building stuff. I’m rebuilding the Guitar museum I had on SL and later, on OSgrid. I’m also building little mall and a sandbox (that might get deleted in favor of a role-play area if I get the Myriad system worked out.)

“But Oddy, you left OpenSim because it was copy-bot heaven. Please explain???”

Mostly true; I left the mainstream grids (although I visit them when I need that on texture I had on Opensim, but got lost from my computer after an upgrade from win7 to win8), and kept building stuff on SOAS, just for fun.
But being a part of a community, like OSgrid and SL, is something I like, so I wandered the virtual paths and looked for a safe haven where I could be a part of a community.

A little tweet from a friend with a link to this new, walled grid sparkled my interest. This grid is in a Beta stage, not open for the public yet, but I thought “why the hell not” and registered.

Too my surprise, I got an e-mail from one of the founders, “If I had time someday for a guided tour?”

Huh? A grid admin takes time to take my little avatar hand, and shows me how stuff works on their grid? Awesome!

After a quick tour around the initial landing area of this grid, I felt all warm and welcome to this grid. The founders have a cool landing place, with ‘Embassies’, ‘Travelers Treasures’, a spinning globe (you can actually spin it yourself by hand), and more goodies…

This new world is a walled garden, will have currency, has some sort of copybot protection (don’t ask me about technical stuff now, but there are some extra things in place to prevent copy botting.) Since this world is Aurora based, you can have various sizes of regions (I’m a cheap person, I took the smallest size:-) )

So, I ordered a low prim region, and it was available to me in no time. I started to explore the abilities of an Aurora based world, because I have not an huge amount of experience with Aurora, and it looks like I can do what I did on Opensim. That’s a plus.
99% of the scripts I use work, I can upload meshes, turn my inv into a anarchistic chaos, wear an AO, upload XML’s from Linda Kellie, etc, etc…

Snapshot Time!
Here’s a snapshot I took on this new grid:

As mentioned before, this world is not open for the public yet, but soon some folks will be able to register an avatar. You have to be backed up by someone from in-world, a kind of trusted friend thing. So, if you are a friend of me, and are interested in this new world, let me know in a comment…:-)

Maybe we can arrange something!

Oh, the name of this world: CreatedWorlds….Website: http://createdworlds.com/beta/

Some snapshots of what I’m building on CreatedWorlds:

landing Area Sky City
landing Area Sky City
Boobs in front of the Guitar Museum?
Boobs in front of the Guitar Museum?


A new Mall
A new Mall


Oddy has left the building….

Before I start my rant: English is NOT my native language!…

Here we go:

OK..I Logged out from Osgrid, took my regions down, except one I host for a friend.
I’m a bit disappointed in the OSgrid admins and developers. I understand that there are only a couple of guys, like 3 or 4 or 5 or so, that actually do things on OSgrid on grid level. (moderate, develop, host events and stuff) and I thank each and every one of you for that.

However!! (here we go!)

I put a lot effort in creating stuff for OSgrid; A guitar museum, clothing, I test scripts to see if they work on OSgrid, weird avatars, OARS, etc…I’ve spend many hours (on a daily basis) on making all that stuff for OSgrid. I visited parties, live gigs, OSG festivals, like OSG1B, OSG2B, Halloween thingies, etc…
And I’m not the only who does that. We, users of OSgrid, make OSgrid.

I think that the users of OSgrid deserve more than a test grid the devs claims it to be. Fact is that most users of the grid use it as a free or cheap SL.
That’s a fact Admin/dev folks! We, the users, see this grid as a free SL!.
You can deny it with every vain in your body, but OSgrid = free SL for most folks!
And most folks want what SL gives them. Not everything, but the at least the basics: Where can I find freebies, where can I party, where can I get that High quality outfit, where can I get up to date info?

OSgrid fails to give that information. Sure, I can get a freebie avie at LBSA, but I might get griefed there, cause admins are sleeping in RL (admins do need to sleep once in a while, I know)

I came to the conclusion that OSgrid is a grid for techy-geeks, and not for the social types like me. I don’t want to empty trash via a website! I just wanna click ‘empty trash’! I wanna put things on an event list! I have no need to be up-to-date with the latest version of OpenSim Software, cause usually the 3 month older version works better for me! I don’t want to rely on other software, like twitter, or facebook, to hear about in-world events. I want to see that stuff on my splash screen, with SLURLS in it!
I want community games where I can win real stuff, like other grids do….
I want a newbie place where I can learn about OSgrid…or how to move around, chat, etc..(Hey we have that! Warin build something that is very well build…..I think LL would want that build for an orientation island)

OSgrid is for the geeky guys, and there are not enough geeky guys to run the grid as we speak. As mentioned before: The OSgrid guys do what they can….But that is not enough to run such a big grid.
I hope this blogpost inspires geeky guys to be an active part of OSgrid in some sort of way…webdevs, opensim geeks, php-nerds, etc….
Go safe OSgrid!!!

Until OSgrid is saved; Oddy signs out….Logging in on other worlds….

Party time…soon!

It’s almost that time of the year again! OSgrid’s 5th Birthday (OSG5B) is coming up!
This year the nice people of OSgrid, have made a couple of regions for other nice people, like me :-), can display the things they do. Also, there will be some live performances and DJ’s spinning some tunes.

The OSG5B celebrations will take place between July 20th (Friday) to July 24th (Tuesday), so mark those dates in your agenda!

Make sure you are using a mesh viewer to see some nice mesh builds!

My mesh factory.

You can find this text based game on the freebie area.

A snappy snapshot of one of the OSG5B regions.

See you there guys!!

Resources, resources and more resources…

I have found a lot of websites that are very useful, important, fun, etc about to OpenSim. I thought I shared some of them:

Opensimulator home pagehttp://opensimulator.org/wiki/Main_Page

Imprudence – http://blog.kokuaviewer.org/
Dolphin – http://dolphinviewer.eregion.de/
Phoenix/Firestorm – http://www.phoenixviewer.com/
Teapot – https://bitbucket.org/ArminW/teapot/downloads
Zen – https://bitbucket.org/Zena_Juran/zen-viewer/wiki/Home
Nirans – https://bitbucket.org/NiranV/nirans-viewer/wiki/Home

Bailiwick – http://spinmass.com/Software/Bailiwick.aspx – Bailiwick is a channel editor for the .raw files used by Second Life sim owners to configure their sims.
Terrain Sculptor – http://spinmass.com/Software/TerrainSculptor.aspx – Terrain Sculptor is an application which maps the terrain of sims in Second Life or OpenSim grids and generates sculpty textures for them.
L3DT – http://www.bundysoft.com/L3DT/downloads/standard.php – Free application (the standard version that is) for creating terrain maps for your region. (Small tutorial here: http://opensimulator.org/wiki/Using_L3DT )
Scratch for Opensim  – http://blog.greenbushlabs.com/?p=797

CGTextures     http://www.cgtextures.com/ – Lots of tiled textures, one of my favourites.
Sharecg     http://www.sharecg.com/
Mega Tex     http://www.mega-tex.nl/highqualitytextures/

Free LSL scripts.com: http://www.free-lsl-scripts.com/ – 1164 open source lsl Scripts.
LSLWiki.net: http://www.lslwiki.net/lslwiki/wakka.php?wakka=ScriptLibrary
OSgrid script forum: http://forums.osgrid.org/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=2233&sid=e490bc95f2f9529e8b532d4c94cc1b27

Squirtsplace    http://www.squirtsplace.com/funstuff/funwav.html -Funny sound files *tip* use the Meerkat viewer to upload larger sound files. (Some sounds are sexually orientated)
Frogstar    http://www.frogstar.com/content/muppets-0 -Muppets sounds!!
AudioSparx.    http://www.audiosparx.com/sa/links/sound-effects.cfm – Sound Effects. (There are like 100.000 soundclips there)

CGSpeed    http://sites.google.com/a/cgspeed.com/cgspeed/motion-capture/ 3dsmax-friendly-release-of-cmu-motion-database – 2548  Animations.
DaveDub.co.uk     http://davedub.co.uk/bvhacker/ – bvh Editing tool. Transform the *.bvh files you get from the link above, into OSGrid usable *.bhv files.
Qavimator – http://qavimator.org/

Mesh stuff.
Blender – http://www.blender.org/ – free 3D editing tool.
Daz3D – http://www.daz3d.com/shop/free-3d-models-and-content/?p=2 Some free tools, some very useful.
30,000 free  3D models – http://archive3d.net/

Mesh related tutorials – http://blog.machinimatrix.org/category/mesh/
culpt related tutorials – http://robynhuffaker.com/sculptblender/tutorial/
ots of amazing howto’s – http://www.free-lsl-scripts.com/Secondlife/tools/tools.htm

Pre-configured OpenSim installations. (read more here)
Soas – http://simonastick.com/
Diva Distro – https://github.com/diva/d2/downloads
New world studio – http://www.newworldstudio.org/site/en/downloads

Pre-configured OpenSim installations.

So, you want to have an own grid? Or maybe just a simple stand alone region to build on?

You could download the official release from http://opensimulator.org/wiki/Download and start reading the various, mostly outdated tutorials found on the web. Or you could download a pre-configured OpenSim program that takes all the techie stuff out of your hands. Just install, start the program and away you go.

Diva’s Distro.

Download: https://github.com/diva/d2/downloads

Website: http://metaverseink.com/blog/?cat=5

This version of pre-configured version has hypergrid enabled, so you’re able to teleport from your standalone region to another grid, like Osgrid and back.
Also this version has a own website where you can create an account, or do some inventory stuff. There are a couple of readme.txt files included to get you started.

Another neat feature is the ability to upgrade it with ease. (run update.exe)

Windows and Linux/Unix only.

New World Studio.

Download: http://www.newworldstudio.org/site/en/downloads

Website: http://www.newworldstudio.org/site/en

This program is still in Beta, but works very good! Have your own regions up in a couple of minutes after installing. It also updates automaticly, you can back up your work, has built in avatars and OARs.
This version also has a build-in website where you (or your friends) can create accounts, etc.

You can find a manual on the download page.

For Windows, Linux and Mac.


Download: http://simonastick.com/

Website: http://iliveisl.com/sim-on-a-stick-posts/

This is like a diva distro version of OpenSim on an usb stick. You don’t install this, you download it, un-zip it on an USB stick, start it up and your ready to go.
You can use this on any PC or laptop you want, all data is stored on the stick.
It comes with a handy batch file, so you can choose what size of region (a normal region, a mini grid (4 regions) or a Mega Region)

Which one to choose.

Well, it depends on a couple of factors, like hypergrid enabled, build in updates, avatars etc. The most easy to use, with most features is the New World Studio version, but SoaS is also pretty usefull since it runs from a stick.
The Diva Distro has some nice items in the inventory…

/me thinks: download them all, try them, pick your favorite app :-)

SL versus OpenSim; Oddy style.

OK, I’m not a fan of SL, neither I’m all about OpenSim. I try to get the best of both worlds, I like both worlds, I use them, when I feel the urge to use them. I’m not a big fan of either worlds, both worlds have their pro’s and cons.

So, I don’t have a favorite place to do my stuff in general; I walk a virtual path in virtual worlds and try to get the best of both.


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Yay! I learned some important stuff about online 3D worlds!!

I’m a lurker; I follow a lot of blogs, websites, forums and such. I read a lot on those kinds of web spaces, and I try to learn from that.

I’m not a very active member of those blogs, websites, etc.

But I do learn stuff:

I learned how to behave when I was visiting some parts of Second Life© and other worlds. It’s not OK to play loud gestures during a live performance of some artist, and sometimes the loud gestures are welcomed by artists.
Using /Scream gestures in the middle of some kind of yoga/zen/ying-yang/hhhhhhhuuuuuuuummmmmm class, is not a smart thing to do. Also, I learned , that there are a lot of people with ODD, OCPD, ADHD, and other issues out there. And I learned *proud moment here* how to handle those folks.

I learned how to handle the drama queens. (drama queens are folks who think they are soooo important for any given 3D-world, but they are actually really liked by a close, small group of friends.)

I learned how to build stuff, how to use scripts in my builds, and I learned how to sell stuff! Woot! Lucky me!

I learned how to make friends, how to keep the good friends, and how to let the-not-so-good friends go.

I learned how to make Second Life©, truly a second life, where I could do whatever I want, being it good or bad. I can, and will, be me there. No Linden folk can hold me back, just because they LL doesn’t care about silly old Odd. Same thing goes for OSgrid, Inworldz, etc….

I learned a lot about OpenSim; lots of friendly folks there, pretending that they are *NOT* living a free (or cheap) SL live. (But you can get your own region for the stunning amount of …$ a month)

I learned a lot the couple of years, I saw folks with the best intentions enter 3D-worlds, and i saw them fade away. I saw big companies getting online on 3D worlds; and saw them fade away. I saw a lot of these things.

But one virtual friend turned my 3D virtual world upside-down with three words:

I have cancer.

That sentence is the biggest thing I learned regarding online stuff; being it a simple chat, website, forum, 3D world, hypergrid, sculpties, communities, groups, closed grids, open grids, scripts, griefers, copybotters, drama queens, bloodlines, lag, clouds, free stuff, making money…
It all means nothing when you are seriously ill, and maybe dying.

So yes, we have hypergrid, the coolest sim-on-a-stick, uni’s using OpenSim, SL with pathfinding, folks sharing OAR’s, A virtual guitar museum, NPC’s, a weekly D&J party, etc, etc…And that’s all fun, but soooooo not important for a big part of the world.

Rebuilding “The Republic of Hannaghbha”, Part I

Hello all!

Awful lots of nothingness lately here on this blog! But lots of activity on OSGrid! I’m throwing prims around like there is no prim limit (hey, wait!! There is no prim limit on OSgrid!)

What am I building? Let me tell you a little story first:

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Stuff I’m building on OSgrid.

Hello all, just a quick post about what I’m working on in OSgrid:

Hannaghbha Info Center
Hannaghbha Info Center


Monsters @ Kub-Zatha
Monsters @ Kub-Zatha


Some empty shops...Any merchants on OSgrid need a place??
Some empty shops...Any merchants on OSgrid need a place??


Oddy tip: walk down this street, turn right at the end and walk through the doors to enter the portal to The Zone… (Work in progress)